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With Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt

Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt

Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt, born in 1971, initially worked in a leading position in the economy after completing her studies in Germany and abroad. Repetitive, painful relationship experiences set her on her own path of personal development.

She attended numerous seminars and training courses, learned elements of transactional analysis (Eric Berne), conscious feelings work (Clinton Callahan) and systemic coaching. Nicola completed several years of training to become a certified Possibility Management Trainer.

Her life changed significantly.

Meanwhile, Nicola has been working as a trainer for personal development with a focus on relationships for 14 years. As an expert for fulfilling relationships at eye-level, she supports women and couples who are dissatisfied and at a loss in their relationships to regain their inherent power and enables them to consciously and self-confidently create fulfilling relationships. Nicola is the author of numerous articles at home and abroad and has published articles in many public media. She has been training other trainers for many years. Nicola specializes in both online training and face-to-face training.

Through ongoing further training in the field of personal development, she always stays up to date in order to support her clients in the best possible way.

For her clients, Nicola is unique because she uncovers obstructive patterns, behaviors and ways of thinking with great clarity in a very short time. This is how she brings about change quickly and effectively. She has the ability to guide her clients through difficult times with great empathy, ease and clarity. She is known for dissolving even the most stubborn patterns by working holistically with her clients on the emotional, intellectual and energetic levels. Many clients who have already attended numerous courses and training courses from other providers report that Nicola’s coaching approach is second to none and that her programs are unique on the market.

Nicola is married and lives with her husband Florian in Bavaria.

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