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This fun talk show may be over, however …
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Springclean Your Mind

Francesca Littmann

Springclean Your Mind

Allison Stillman

Springclean Your Mind

Carla White

Springclean Your Mind

Pamela Sommers

Springclean Your Mind

Jonathan Glass

Springclean Your Mind

Sarah Cooke

Springclean Your Mind

Kathryn Brown

Springclean Your Mind

Jane Stoller

Springclean Your Mind

Ashley Meadahl

Are you ready to Springclean Your Mind?

Are you struggling to find joy in crazy busy or even uncertain times like these? Are you secretly yearning for a more harmonious life, filled with real smiles and true joy?

What if I told you there are ways to instantly take control of your vitality, mindset, and joy factor?

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It’s called SpringClean Your Mind:
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Get ready to ignite your passion, unleash your creativity, and connect better with those who matter most in your life.

Join me as we explore the secrets to living a more fulfilling life, adventurous, present, caring and full of laughter.

Explore all practical tips and proven strategies to overcome your fears and break free from limiting beliefs, so that you unlock your true potential.

Feel it the air… spring is coming! Use its energy to take your life to the next level and experience the joy and happiness you deserve. Don’t miss out on these amazing learnings.

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Gain clarity, feel strong, and handle uncertainty with ease. Discover how to bring more energy, joy, and positivity into your daily life.


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Listen up if any of this sounds like you…

Do you struggle with your inner critic holding you back from expressing yourself?

Has the pandemic left you questioning your life, family, and work, or maybe you’re at a crossroads after leaving your job?

Or perhaps you love your field but crave a bigger vision for yourself?

It’s time to take control of your life and unleash your full potential. Join us now and discover how to overcome self-doubt, find your purpose, and achieve your wildest dreams.

My service is for you if  

… any of these resonate with you:

➮ You’ve achieved great success in your career, but you’re still not feeling fulfilled.

➮ You’re contemplating a career change and want to understand yourself better before making your next move.

➮ You’re seeking ways to integrate your inner critic into a happier life.

➮ As a parent, you wish your home was a place of ease and joy.

➮ You have entrepreneurial aspirations but don’t know where to start.

➮ You’re tired of negative patterns and ready to break free from worry.

➮ It’s time to prioritize what truly matters and spend less time on what drains you.

➮ Discover your hidden strengths and unlock a more glorious future for yourself.

Join us now and gain valuable insights and strategies to create a fulfilling and joyful life, both personally and professionally. You have the power to make a positive change – let’s get started!

Margaret Sap
Intentional Creativity Coach 

As personal development coach and life strategist, my ultimate goal is to help you experience a life of freedom, harmony, and self-expression.

I believe that by igniting the sparks within you and modernise your foundation into a solid basis, you can bring aliveness back into your life and truly acknowledge your worth and capabilities.

Through the unique taste of my personal development programs, I have helped many people move beyond their self-limiting beliefs, rewire boundaries, and discover their true potential.

My approach is rooted in years of experience and education, including a Master’s degree in Language and Cultural Mentality History, various certifications, such as Intentional Creativity Coach and over 15 years of leading Global Media and Public Relations departments in creative industries as music, sports, lifestyle and fashion.

As an entrepreneur, I strive to bring positive change to the world. I invest in people for a living as a spiritual change agent who is always open-hearted to learn and receive wisdom in a collaborative ways.

I believe that everyone has something hidden or lost within them that can become the source of their joy in life.

My wish for you is to find that hidden treasure, embrace it, and use it to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. I am committed to guiding you on your journey with efficiency and compassion.


This series has come to an end, dear visitor. 

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I respect your privacy and don’t want to spam you in any way. By entering your name and email above, you are consenting to Margaret Sap, the host of Springclean Your Mind to email you during the show and afterward with selected and relevant emails.”

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