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This fun talk show may be over, however …
it’s smart to SPRING CLEAN YOUR MIND every year.


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Springclean Your Mind

Francesca Littmann

Springclean Your Mind

Allison Stillman

Springclean Your Mind

Carla White

Springclean Your Mind

Pamela Sommers

Springclean Your Mind

Jonathan Glass

Springclean Your Mind

Sarah Cooke

Springclean Your Mind

Kathryn Brown

Springclean Your Mind

Jane Stoller

Springclean Your Mind

Ashley Meadahl

Are you ready to Springclean Your Mind?

If you are stuck on the question “How to bring fresh air to your life with true joy and real smiles during uncertain times like these?” and if you hold a secret desire to live a balanced and harmonious life…

What if you could wave a magic wand and take instant control of your vitality, your mindset, your joy factor and would be more connected to those that matter most in your life…

Then I want to invite you to listen to the talk show that’s perfect for you. 

It’s called SpringClean Your Mind:
Quick, capable and efficiently

 SpeedClean your Inner world with the help of top experts.

If you are someone who likes to get behind the causes of your worry and would like to prevent worrying from keeping you down and actually turn it into fuel for your happiness?  

Are you ready to become aware of your pitfalls and want to receive fresh insights and apply them instantly to move forward?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this series is for YOU!

The answers you’ll be getting are life-transforming. 

They may set you on going to live your best year ever, despite uncertainty and insecurity.    

Listening to these interviews, you’ll come away with more clarity about parts in you that require attention and ways to dust these off so that you feel clean and strong and can handle what’s coming your way without getting depleted.

Learn how to have more energy, joy, and simply a better force of life sparkling within you every day.

Get access to the tools, education, empowerment & inspiration you need to step out to create your best year ever

Tell me, if you like…

Are you someone who hears the harsh voice of your inner critic before you want to express yourself?   

Has the pandemic shaken your beliefs and priorities and now you’re doubting about your life, your family and your work or did you leave your job (forced or by choice) and are wondering what to do next?

OR, are you one who finds joy in your chosen field yet wants to expand into a bigger vision?

My service is for you if  

You are crushing it in your career yet do not really enjoy your achievements?  

You are considering changing your career and want to know more about yourself before your next move?

You want to find out how you can integrate your inner critic into your happy life?

You are a parent who desires that her home environment was as easy and joyful as you imagined once?  

You want to start a business but you don’t know how? 

You simply want to break free from your worries and negative patterns? 

You’re ready to spend less time on what drains you and more time on what matters to you the most

You just want to know more about yourself, find your hidden  strength that you can use for a more glorious future?

Margaret Sap
Intentional Creativity Coach 

If you experience more freedom, live in harmony and learn to self-express well, you take your whole life experience to a new experience. It’s possible for you to bring aliveness back into your life! You will need to be fired up with love and connection, and this starts with prepping the foundations and lighting the first sparks. I love to see people light up with the acknowledgment of who they truly are and what they are capable of.

Over the years, I have used my graduation as MA in Language and Cultural Mentality History and my various certifications among which Intentional Creativity Coach to lead several personal development programs. I have guided people to move beyond self-limiting beliefs and rewire boundaries to truly express themselves as the beautiful, gifted human being they are. 

My archetypes are “The Nurturer”,  “The Alchemist” and “The Connector” which pairs perfectly with my broad yet deep range of interests, experience and expertise as as well as my career as Global Media and Public Relations Lead for creative industries,  which ultimately has led to founding the Art studio l’Atelier des Idées and founding YC More, as entrepreneur and intentional creativity coach. I am a sister, wife and also mother – to four world wonders. I am a spiritual change agent, musician, writer and philosopher as well as a no-bullshit partner on our journey together. I’m safe yet fierce in my questioning. I contribute to various media outlets and am on break from publishing my first book: In-Sight.  

I am passionate about great relationships, intentions, laughter, song lyrics and impactful writings and am always open hearted to learn and receive wisdom along the journey here on beautiful planet earth. 

My wish is for you to find what was hidden or lost, to use it to come alive and make it the source of your joy for life.
Rapidly and efficiently.  

This series has come to an end, dear visitor. 

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I respect your privacy and don’t want to spam you in any way. By entering your name and email above, you are consenting to Margaret Sap, the host of Springclean Your Mind to email you during the show and afterward with selected and relevant emails.”

Find our policy here.