Lead from within series

Lead from Within Series

with Jamie Bristow

Jamie Bristow

Jamie Bristow is a recognized authority in the realm of applying inner development and contemplative practices to the public sphere. His impactful contributions include influential policy reports, notably “Reconnection: Meeting the Climate Crisis Inside Out.” Presently, Jamie spearheads public narrative and policy development for the Inner Development Goals, spotlighting the essential inner skills and qualities requisite for a sustainable transition.

For an impressive eight years, spanning from 2015 to 2023, Jamie played a pivotal role in the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness. He served as its clerk and directed the affiliated policy institute, The Mindfulness Initiative. During this tenure, he collaborated with policymakers worldwide to elevate mindfulness and compassion training as significant components of public policy, fostering a healthier political landscape. Currently, he maintains a part-time position with The Mindfulness Initiative, where he leads sustainability policy initiatives.

Jamie’s diverse background encompasses roles such as Business Development Director at Headspace, with experiences spanning psychology, climate change advocacy, and advertising. Trained as a teacher of Insight Meditation within the Buddhist tradition, he has learned from esteemed mentors including Rob Burbea, Stephen Batchelor, and Christina Feldman. His teachings and endeavors bear witness to a profound dedication to both personal and societal transformation. Jamie Bristow stands at the intersection of inner growth and public policy, tirelessly working to create a world that thrives through the harmonious fusion of inner and outer development.

Free download: policy report on mindfulness in politics