Lead from within series

Lead from Within Series

with Brian Sheen

Brian Sheen

Brian, a distinguished researcher, educator, author, and therapist, boasts five decades of expertise in epigenetics, self-improvement, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. As the founder of The Science of Quantum Embodiment and The Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, he introduced the first diploma program for future Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners in the US.

His innovative approach harmonizes a spectrum of healing practices, including epigenetics, neuroscience, psychology, Ayurveda, Bioenergetics, transpersonal hypnotherapy, NLP, meditation, yoga, A Course in Miracles, and shamanism. This knowledge underpins the forthcoming Science Institute of Quantum Embodiment, revolutionizing education in these fields through a comprehensive online platform.

Brian authored “The Epigenetic Cure” and “Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment,” shedding light on health optimization and medical missteps. His groundbreaking program, “Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy,” enables a medication-free, focused, and confident life with a remarkable 97% success rate.

Brian’s global impact includes transformative training programs implemented in corporate and hospital settings across the US, reaching thousands of students worldwide through Udemy and Thinkific courses.

His year-long global research expedition examined the psychological, emotional, and social consequences of the Covid pandemic, culminating in the upcoming book, “CPSD, Chronic Pandemic Stress Disorder.” Despite his travels, Brian maintains a global client base via Zoom and contributes expertise to the Internations Global Business and Wellness conference. Explore his extensive portfolio of books, courses, and classes at www.Briansheenpublications.com.

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