Incremental upgrades

Attending professional conferences during my corporate career was paid by my employer and did cost hundreds of dollars – just to get in.

It was not in my means (at least that’s what I thought) to pay these kinds of sums myself, and I guess it’s the same for you.

Now, years down the road, I know and always advise others to invest in qualitative education. Valuable insights and proven tips that you take out from a collective of experts in a short periode of time is just massive.

Yet … true knowledge and deep self care often tend to hang on the bottom of our priority list. That’s why, we took out the budget part and offer you a FREE series on Doing Life Happier.

🙂 You can attend your own professional conference without the hassle, expense of travel, overnight stays and entree tickets. Add it to your personal agenda and commit to not letting this chance pass.


Lifetime access

In fact, you can get LIFETIME access to 22 experts for the Doing Life Happier conference for only $67 for the Basic Package & $97 for the Premium package (that includes lots of guides, e-books and specials).